We offer professional cosmetic therapies in an elegant environment at affordable prices. Our services are based on 40 years of professional experience and customized to the clients’  expectations. Our innovative therapies provide cellular regeneration,  rejuvenation, firming and vitalizing  effect for the skin. Our cosmetic treatments are always based on the concept of providing solution for the individual skin problem as well as full physical and mental regeneration. Regular home skin care is essential to keep your skin in perfect condition,  therefore we are  always ready to help our guests with special care and expertise.
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Anikó Kiss/ Master Esthetician

Please take a look at the Beauty Salon’s  offer which reveals our exclusive and effective services. The product ranges of internationally renowned cosmetic companies guarantee  outstanding results even from the first treatment. I hope to see you in our salon in the near  future!


BIOCOSMETICS 100% natural origin

Natúrys Products, Moisturizing Treatment

19.000 HUF

Natúrys Products, Active Firming Treatment

25.00 HUF

NEW  Natúrys Productst/Skin Cells Rejuvenating  Treatment 

28.000 HUF


Hyaluronic acid & with extra active ingredients for facial

Skin pore cleansing treatment

23.900 HUF

Hyaluronic acid & collagen and elastin synthesis

Stimulating facial treatment

24.500 HUF

Hyaluronic acid & peptides & plankton  

facial treatment to stop the aging process 

25.900 HUF



the intelligent skin care system with the power of peptides

Re-Hydrator Facial 3D Treatment 

19.900 HUF

Rejuvenating Depp Cleansing Facial Treatment

25.900 HUF

Intensive & Age Defying/ Lift& Firm Facial 3D Treatment

29.500 HUF


NEW WellU LARENS/ Liposom+Biopeptid Complex Treatment

39.000 HUF




Separate additional massages

for aesthetic treatments, face, neck, décolleté  

Japanese Lifting Massage

18.000 HUF /30 minutes

Massage with Rose Quartz Crystal 

12.000 HUF / 20 minutes



Special, high-efficiency machine treatments

Laser Therapy, the perfect wrinkle expert 

30. 000 HUF

Perfectly clear skin! Hydropeeling  

9.000 HUF

Smart Technology-H2 Skin Therapy

hydrate skin cells with active hydrogen

7.000 HUF

Skin cells rejuvenation Oxygen therapy

18.000 HUF

Derma Gene the perfect face is rejuvenating

15.000 HUF




The secret to silky skin is perfect hair removal

Lower legs waxing

3.000 HUF

Full legs waxing

7.000 HUF

Full legs waxing incl. bikini line

10.000 HUF

Bikini line waxing

3.000 HUF

Full bikini line waxing

9.000 HUF

Armpits waxing

4.000 HUF

Full arms waxing

4.000 HUF

Back waxing (man)

9.000 HUF




Make Up Line- We design the harmony of colours 

Daily Make-up

12.000 HUF

Evening and cocktails Make-up    

25.000 HUF

Wedding Make-up  

45.000 HUF

Permanent eyelash tinting

5.000 HUF

Eyebrows colouring    

5.000 HUF



Luxury Facial Treatment for Gentlemen

25.000 HUF